Marriage and Someone to Hunt For

My next post was going to be a how to DIY on euro mounting. Unfortunately my GoPro cut out on my video, so I’ll have to wait until next time I score some nice antlers. Really this might be a bad introduction into a post on “why I decided to get married” but it isn’t my forte to discuss these things publicly, and besides, this is a hunting blog. If I get flack, that will be my excuse. Anyhow, Maslow would back me up on the whole hierarchy of needs thing. I’m pretty sure I saw him yesterday by the way, even had a great conversation. I was at a bar though… who knows.

I hunt and fish, hike, ski, train dogs, etc. for a lot of reasons. Spirituality is among the higher of those. I don’t have much desire to dissect something so sacred as engagement, but I feel it is important to those out there that might be going through the motions unwary or perhaps, like me, not thinking they believed in marriage until one day when they did. Maybe it causes an identity crisis, but probably not, after all decisions are made post-realization… hopefully.

Who do you hunt for? Who do you fish for? Oh, let me address this in modern terminology; Who do you make a living for? Unfortunately, as selfish as we would like to think we are, it is for our family as much as it is for ourselves. Taking that week off of work to hunt instead of taking it off to go to Hawaii with your wife and children makes sense, period. No, unfortunately we are not being selfish. We are simply being human. What is more important? Sure we can buy a half a cow and call it good, and maybe you find satisfaction in that. I however, believe that it is necessary for us to play our natural roles in order to get fulfillment out of life. That includes having a reason to hunt: family.

When it comes down to it. We are a product of convenience and modernization. We have the privilege of finding the strongest person we can to live out our natural live’s. American’s (speaking from only what I know) concern themselves with a lot of extra filler material, packaging peanuts if you will. Does one peanut make a difference? I hate packaging peanuts. What I want is the human, I want that human to be strong, I want it to be packed without those god forsaken peanuts, void of superficial padding. I also want someone who is worth hunting for. That is why, on May 24th, 2014; I will be marrying the love of my life, Emma.

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