Premature Cabin Fever

Spring time in the San Juans with aspen trees turkey hunting

Turkey hunting amongst some fresh aspen leaves and green grasses.

Of all the places you could live, Durango has to be one of the best for those of us prone to premature cabin fever. The winter sports fill in the winter lull and if that isn’t enough, some years you can get away with riding singletrack out of Moab, UT; 2 hrs 45 minutes away. Even so, I seem to suffer from a lack of fulfillment in these cold and snowy months.

These winter months, however short the days, are what make the spring months so wonderful. I love to hit the mountains on powder days and can generally find a nice bit of open water to wet my line on a nice winter day. The hunter in me goes into hibernation, which is a good thing, because spring turkey season is still more than three months away.

I am currently volunteering for a season pass at Durango Mountain Resort. The other day I was working on the backside of the mountain, with a picturesque, blue bird view of my hunting grounds. I was rifting in and out of my elk and grouse hunting day dreams, all the while taking occasional runs down the ski slopes. Though my soul yearned for backcountry solitude in green grasses and fresh aspen leaves, my heart was satisfied by the view and the privilege of being able to go snowboarding and work at such an amazing location.

There is one chore that winter provides ample time for. Time to tie some flies! look forward to some fly pattern recipes coming soon in a new section of my site. In the meantime; better gather up that patience… springtime is a ways off.

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