Poor Riches – Pigeons, Taxes and Spring Fever

Dogs at Falls Creek, Durango, Colorado

The dogs posing at Falls Creek in Durango Colorado

Ok so this post is a day late, but the weekend has been blessed with powder on the slopes and taxes, both of which had to be addressed as a priority. Cabin fever and tax season, when combined with the ammo shortage and inability to find .22LR to plink around with, might make you wonder if the world really is coming to an end. If it were going to happen today, the whiteout snow conditions outside my window would surely contribute to the ambiance of the event.

Snow in Durango Colorado Town

Durango and our ski resort – Durango Mountain Resort – have been blessed by 3 consecutive days of snow. I hit sections of powder today that came well above my knees.

If my pigeons share even the remote skill-set that a groundhog has at predictions, the world is not ending, yet, and spring is just around the corner, believe it or not. I found two clutches of eggs the other morning when cleaning the loft. Last year, if I remember correctly, mid February was the timing of first lay, these birdies like to talk bees! Unfortunately I was not prepared and with no nesting bowls provided, the eggs were not worth the birds effort so I took them away and outfitted my pigeons with nesting bowls.

When you are raising pigeons, having an idea of who is a female and who is a male can be of importance. While many breeds display visual phenotypic differences between male and female, behavior is the best determining factor for most pigeons. Now that I have a nifty GoPro, I can really get a good look at what goes on in the loft so that I can make better management decisions.

I won’t lie, after filing three Schedule C’s, an 8829, a 1040, a Schedule SE, and a 6198, I am a little brain fried. So I am going to make this a shorter post, enjoy the video and give pigeons a chance, they are pretty funny to watch.

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